Queries - a new way load part of your project

We've just released a new feature to help viewing exactly the part your project you are working on. With a query you can select a volume and only load the geometry inside it.

In the initial beta release there are three types of query:

  1. Intersecting space
  2. Intersecting storey
  3. Rectangle selection

Creating a query

To create a query, start in the 2D viewer:

Geometric query 1.png

Intersecting space

Geometric query 3.png

  1. Right click on a space
  2. Select Intersecting space

This will load all geometry intersecting the axis aligned bounding box of the space.

Geometric query 4.png

Intersecting storey

Geometric query 11.png

  1. Right click in the viewer
  2. Select Intersecting storey

This will load all geometry inside the top and bottom planes of the storey.

Geometric query 5.png

Rectangle selection

Geometric query 6.png

  1. Click the query rectangle button.
  2. Click, drag and release to draw a rectangle.
  3. Specify the models you want to load in the query popover.

Query popover Geometric query 7.png

  1. Select current Storey or Full height.
  2. Select Any, External or Internal.
  3. Toggle all models on or off.
  4. Select which models to include in the query.
  5. Create query.

Editing a query

In the initial beta release, queries are not stored.

You can edit a query using the query tab of the model selector found in the top left corner on the 3D viewer.

Geometric query 8.png

  1. Model selector
  2. Query tab
  3. Click edit to open the query popover

Major update of mobile app

Our new mobile app has been powered up with new 2D and 3D functions. We believe this version really puts the Bimsync app on the map. The app is available for download from Appstore and Google Play with these updates:

2D view:

  • New 2D issue marker with colour modes showing status, type and due date. Issue markers are larger (three size options) and easier to select.
  • Improved zoom and pan and new rotate function.
  • Title and number of issue shows when selected.
  • New 3D menu for accessing the 3D model with choice of whole model, whole storey, vertical section through all storeys of the model or just a single room.

3D view and navigation:

  • Massive performance improvements when uploading models.
  • Joystick with adjustable speed for improved navigation.
  • Multiselect allowing selection of many objects (for example to hide several objects in one action).

2D Menu options


  1. Choose issue marker size.
  2. Choose issue marker colour mode.
  3. Re-set map to start position.
  4. Toggle display/hide menu.
  5. Tool tip showing menu after choice (shows for 1 second).
  6. Default issue colour mode (blue=selected issue, red=others, green=closed)
  7. Issue status (colours as set in Bimsync Arena)
  8. Issue type (colours as set in Bimsync Arena)
  9. Due date (grey=future date, pink=overdue)

2D view with selected issue:


  1. Selected issue shown in blue.
  2. Issue number and title.
  3. Open issue details for reading and editing.
  4. Delete marker.

Open 3D Viewer


  1. Open 3D loading options
  2. Selected IFCspace (for opening 3D view via option 5 & 6 below)
  3. Load whole model.
  4. Load current storey.
  5. Load IFCspace shape in full height.
  6. Load only the selected IFC space.

3D menu options


  1. Multiselect objects.
  2. View toggle Perspective/Orthographic.
  3. Standard views.
  4. Hide/Isolate/Look at/Make Translucent.
  5. Joystick toggle on/off and speed.
  6. Back to 2D view.
  7. Joystick for navigating in 3D.

3D Standard views


  1. Standard view menu (same views as in Bimsync Arena).
  2. Home (zooms out and shows whole model)
  3. Back
  4. Left
  5. Front
  6. Right
  7. Top

Joystick menus

The joystick is a simple, intuitive way to move around through the 3D model. Move the dark blue circle in the joystick with you thumb. Left handed users can toggle to left handed mode in settings.

  • Up on screen=forward in model
  • Down=backward i model
  • Left=turn to left in model
  • Right=turn to right in model


  1. Joystick options
  2. Joystick display/hide
  3. 4. & 5. Joystick speeds

Manage visibilty of objects


  1. Selected object visibility menu
  2. Look at selected objects
  3. Show all
  4. Hide selected objects
  5. Isolate selected objects
  6. Make selected objects translucent

Updated translations

The translations are updated once again.

  • German - thanks to Nicolas
  • Portuguese - thanks to Leonardo
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Norwegian Nynorsk


New Viewpoint features

We have updated issue viewpoints with some new functions for recreating viewpoints on issues. This is particularly useful to assist in the situation where models are missing in viewpoints due to different interpretation of the BCF standard by different BIM softwares. The viewpoint thumbnail has new buttons:

2020-06-10 16_35_36-#64 - Viewpoint demo - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Here are the functions of the buttons:

  1. Opens the thumbnail as an image file in a preview window. You can download the image from here.
  2. Opens the viewpoint as it was recorded. The camera position, with the same models and objects selected as at the time of creating the viewpoint.
  3. Opens the viewpoint's camera position without changing the models and objects currently showing in the 3D view.
  4. Shows the number of models attached to the viewpoint.
  5. Shows the number of objects attached to the viewpoint.
  6. Opens a model selector allowing you to change which models are attached to the viewpoint and save this setting:

2020-06-10 16_56_16-#64 - Viewpoint demo - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Updated translations

  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • French - thanks to Amaury & Bianca
  • Polish - thanks to Jurek
  • Catalan - thanks to Eloi
  • Spanish - thanks to Jose
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

Updated 3D viewer

The 3D viewer in Bimsync Arena has been upgraded to support WebGL 2.0. WebGL 2.0 allows you to enable anti-aliasing to remove jagged edges in the viewer. The setting is available in the viewer setting dropdown if your browser supports WebGL 2.0.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 09.38.22.png

Changes in this release (r115):

  • Support WebGL 2.0
  • Support multisample anti-aliasing
  • Improved lighting of models
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Updated to three.js r115

The new release will be made available in our Viewer3D API later this summer.

Bimsync Revit plugin

The Bimsync Revit plugin is now released! Using the plugin you can seamlessly:

  • Upload IFC models directly to Bimsync from your Revit desktop session.
  • Load and manage BCF issues live in your Revit session.
  • Create new BCF issues and update existing issues in Revit, synchronise these back to Bimsync.
  • Use BCF views to jump right to the location of an issue, showing the objects linked to the issue.

Download the plugin for free from Autodesk App Store:



Issue in revit.gif

Sharepoint integration

In Bimsync Arena you can now link SharePoint sites into your project as document libraries. Once the SharePoint site is linked, you can:

  1. Open and download the documents stored on the SharePoint site
  2. Link documents in the Sharepoint library to issues.
  3. Link documents in the SP library to objects.

Watch this video to learn how to set up and work with SharePoint integrated with Bimsync: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J86W3Am70Nc&list=PL2Yz9DMENICEME7yruJbgHvuY0wqAFar3&index=15

Control write access on models

Previously in Bimsync, a user needed administrator access to be able to create new models and upload new model revisions to a project. We've just release a Beta feature for configuring which members or teams can:

  1. Create new models
  2. Upload revisions to a model
  3. Download revisions or export models

Using this feature, administators can configure who can change models, without giving them full administrator access. Models can even be "locked down" so that only an administrator can change models. The new feature is available from the project settings:

ACL on models Beta.png

Change to absolute date and time settings

Bimsync now offers you the option of displaying dates as relative or absolute. The default setting for existing or new users is relative date and time such as "1 minute ago" or "3 months ago". To change to absolute date and time globally for your user, go to your account settings:

Update - date and time3.png

Choose preferences, switch the slider for relative date and time off and select the date format you want. The available formats are based on you language preference.

Update - date and time 2.png

Your date format is now set globally throughout Arena, for your user.