Improvements to viewpoints

The improved snapshot feature for adding viewpoints to issues now has some buttons in the thumbnail so that you can refresh the viewpoint, toggle between 3D, 2D and image before submitting the issue.

Snaphot new functions.png

  1. Toggle between 3D, 2D and image to save with comment.

  2. Add annotations to the thumbnail image by clicking on the image in the thumbnail.

  3. Refresh viewpoint. If you need to change the viewpoint (for example zoom closer, rotate, select more objects) you can update the viewpoint before submitting.

  4. Cancel add viewpoint. Use this to remove viewpoint and just add a text comment.

  5. &6. Number of models(5) and objects selected(6) in viewpoint. These will be updated upon refreshing the viewpoint.

Use an image as thumbnail for a viewpoint

You can choose to have an image connected to a viewpoint instead of a viewpoint thumbnail. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose add image and select image file to use.

  2. Click on connect to viewpoint.

  3. You can select objects in the viewpoint if you want to highlight an object that is associated with the image.

Image connected to viewpoint.png

If you want to disconnect the image from the viewpoint use this button:


New version of Mobile app

We've just released a new version of the mobile app, packed with lots of new features improving the use of 2D and 3D on your phone.

Here is what’s new in this version:

  • Access 3D models directly from the main menu.
  • Add a clipping plane in 3D view.
  • Inspect properties of 3D objects.
  • Create and play back 3D viewpoints.
  • Improved 2D viewer with better 2D marker experience.
  • Support of absolute and relative date format.
  • Added Norwegian language.

In addition to this list of features, there are some general improvements:

  • The app is now iOS 14 and Android 11 compatible.
  • Faster start up and better response time on clickable elements.
  • Faster loading of issue details page

3D viewer in main menu

Choose 3D viewer in the main menu, then select the models you want in the 3D view.

3D viewer in main menu.png

Add clipping plane

Select an object, then use the clipping plane tool to create a section. Use the clipping plane widget in the bottom right of the viewer to toggle the plane between active (you can slide the plane back and forth) and inactive (rotate and zoom in model as normal). You can also reverse the clipping plane.

Clipping planes.png

Inspect properties of 3D objects

When you select several objects in 3D you now get a list of the selected objects by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right hand corner. In the list you can select an object and view it's IFC properties. You can also clear the selection when in the object list.

Selected object list and view properties.png

3D viewpoint

Play back 3D viewpoints by clicking in the play button in the viewpoint thumbnail. You can now create viewpoints on the fly in the app using the comments in issues (add viewpoint).


Improved 2D markers

It's now easy to identify a selected issue or a new issue in the 2D view from the issue icon. A new issue has a dashed halo, a selected issue has a full halo.

Current issue and new issue.png

Absolute date and time

Use settings to decide between relative date and time or absolute date and time.

Toggle date format.png

Norwegian language available

Where available, the app follows the language you're using on your phone (currently English, Norwegian and French). For telephones set up other languages, the app defaults to English. On iOS you can choose language for a specific app under General settings for that app. This means that you can run an app using a different language from the phone's language.

Norwegian version.png

Update your app on GooglePlay or Appstore to enjoy these new features!

Updated translations

Translations are updated once again!

  • Norwegian Nynorsk - thanks to Lars
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian Bokmål

Thanks for all collaborations

Issue number added to notification email

To make it easier to find and issue from a Bimsync email notfication, we've added the issue number into the email notification. You can navigate directly to the to the issue by clicking on the title in the email, but since many issues have similar names we've added the issue number to help to distiguish issues from one another.

Issue number in email notification.png

Previewing new file formats

We're excited to have added a new preview function in Bimsync Arena. You can now view many more formats directly in Bimsync and enjoy new functions for navigating and search in documents. These formats can now be previewed:

Office formats: .pdf .doc .docx .xlsx .pptx .pub

Image formats .jpg .png .gif

CAD formats: .dwg .dwf .dxf .dgn

Other formats .xml .txt

When you click on a document you now get this preview with a new set of tools: 2020-09-25 16_36_46-Documents - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Pan button. Pan using this button when you're zoomed in on a document. Click and hold the left mouse button to pan.

  2. Select button for selecting text.

  3. Zoom functions. You can also zoom by holding in Ctrl and scrolling with the middle mouse button.

  4. Text search. Search for text and strings of character in files.

  5. Full screen mode. Open the document in a full screen window.

  6. Page count and current page number.

Text search You can expand the text search and get a full overiew of the search results in the document:

2020-09-27 21_49_45-Documents - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Search button

  2. Search term

  3. Count and sequence number

  4. Results list

  5. Body text showing highlighted results

Multi Factor Authentication

We've just released a feature giving organisations and individual users the option of increasing data security by requiring an extra layer of authentication when logging on to Bimsync.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) requires entering a code received via your mobile device as well as your username and password, when logging on to Bimsync. When an organisation requires MFA it's applied at a organisation level. All projects belonging to that organisation will then require MFA to access their projects. This will force all users to enable MFA to access projects belonging to that organisation.

Enabling MFA

Log onto Bimsync and go to the Account page:

2020-09-18 09_03_05-All Projects.png

  1. Click on the Authentication tab:

  2. Scroll down to the section for MFA:

  3. Click on Enable MFA

2020-09-16 15_09_28-Bimsync - Authentication.png

Follow the instructions. You will need to install an authentication app (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator) on your mobile device to scan the QR code that opens on the account page. Once enabled you will need to have your mobile device at hand every time you log onto Bimsync.

After successfully enabling MFA you will see this message.

2020-09-16 15_13_08-.png You can disable MFA by clicking the disable button shown above, then entering your password to confirm. After disabling you no longer be able to access projects requiring MFA.

Who can enforce MFA on projects?

MFA applied at organisation level is a service that we offer to enterprise customers. Once enforced, all users on all projects belong to the organisation will be required to use MFA to log on to those projects. To enable MFA on your organisation's projects, contact Bimsync support.

New account page


We've made a few changes on Bimsync user account pages. Your account pages and organizations are now available directly from the dashboard you land on when you log on to Bimsync. Under the account pages you can still manage and udpate your

  • Profile
  • Preferences
  • Notification
  • Applications

We've added an Authentication tab for enabling Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to offer added security. Your project may enforce MFA meaning that all users on that project need to sign on using MFA. You can also choose to enable MFA for your user. See the update post on MFA for details on how to enable and disable MFA.

Under the Organisations tab you can access the projects and members under your organisations. To access organisations click on Organisation in the left column. Most users are members of only one organisation.

2020-09-11 Bimsync - My organizations.png Choose the organisation you want to view. Once in the Organisation page you can access th organisation's projects and profile.

  • Under the Projects tab you can see the projects you are a member of.
  • The Profile shows the members of the organisation.

2020-09-11 16_17_45-Account.png

2020-09-11 16_19_44-Account.png

Updated Viewer 3D API

The Viewer 3D API stable channel has been upgraded to support WebGL 2.0.

Changes in this release (moving from r69 to r116):


  • Reduce heap size for objects with multiple representations
  • Updated to three.js r116


  • Support WebGL 2.0
  • Support multisample anti-aliasing
  • Improved lighting of models
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Updated to three.js r115

Updated translations

Translations are updated!

  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål

Thanks for all collaborations

Updated translations

The translations are updated once again.

  • Spanish - thanks to Jose
  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål