Bimsync updates
Bimsync updates

Translations updated!

First translation update of the new year:

  • Polish - Thanks to Jurek
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål


New version of Bimsync app

We've just released an update of our app on Appstore and Google Play. These new features are now available:

  • Support of landscape orientation for tablets.
  • Integrated a fullscreen option for both 2D and 3D.
  • Improved navigation throughout the app.
  • Huge performance boost.
  • Dutch and Portuguese languages added.

Exploit the full extents of the screen on your mobile device using fullscreen mode (here with 3D model in landscape on a tablet):

Fullscreen landscape 2.jpg

Translations updated again

Another significant translation update, with many new additions:

  • Polish - Big thanks to Jurek for bringing Polish back to 100%!
  • German - Thanks Andres
  • Spanish - Thanks to Jose
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål


Add documents to an issue upon creation

We've just released a feature many users have been asking for: Add documents to a newly created issue.

2020-11-19 18_42_39-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

The Add documents panel is now available before a new issue is submitted.

Using this panel you can link documents and folders to issues, as well as upload new documents and link these.

2020-11-19 18_44_16-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Choose the source for the documents to attach (from Bimsync's Document Library, or connected SharePoint and Dropbox libraries).

  2. Link to folder in Document library.

  3. Link to a single document.

  4. Upload new documents to the folder.

  5. Link or unlink documents and folders here.

The documents are linked to the new issue:

2020-11-19 18_47_21-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Import and export of BCF 2.1 files

We've updated our BCF file management to handle both import and export of BCF 2.1 files. To import or export BCF file to/from Bimsync, click on the exchange BCF button at the the top righthand corner of an issueboard:

2020-11-12 21_08_25-Issues - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Translations updated

Another translation update and this time we got German up to 100%!

  • German - Vielen Dank! Andres
  • Spanish - Thanks to Jose
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • French - Thanks to Bianca
  • Norwegian Bokmål

Thanks for all collaborations

Copy project as template

The feature for copying elements from an existing project when creating a new project has been improved. You can now select which parts you want to copy:

2020-11-05 15_43_49-Bimsync - New project.png

This is very useful when standardising your organisation's processes. For example using the same labels across all projects. Just copy labels from your best-practice project every time you create a new project.

Visual text formating added to issues

We've added a Markdown editor to the description field in issues. This makes it easier to use text formating in your issue descriptions. The most commonly used formating functions are now easily available in a handy toolbar under the description field. You can toggle between Write mode and Preview while eidting text.

Write mode

2020-11-05 15_00_21-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Use these buttons to access often used Markdown formatting.
  2. Click here to toggle between Preview mode and Write mode
  3. Open this menu for more help with advanced Markdown syntax.
  4. We've added these special buttons for mentioning other issues (#) or project members (@)

Preview mode

See your formating before submitting the issue:

2020-11-05 15_02_04-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Updated Viewer 3D API

The Viewer 3D API stable channel has been upgraded.

Changes in this release (moving from r116 to r117):

  • Added dispose method to release WebGL resources
  • Fixed a regression in navigationMode method to allow custom navigation modes
  • Updated to three.js r117

Updated translations

  • Spanish - Thanks to Jose
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian Bokmål

Thanks for all collaborations