Bimsync updates
Bimsync updates

New version of Mobile app

There's a new version of mobile app (1.5.0) is now out on both stores ! 🎉🎉

Here is what’s new in this version:

  • Brand new interactive dashboard providing more statistics and direct navigation to your issue lists using predefined filters
  • Support for adding multiple images and viewpoints when creating a new issue
  • Delete issue comments using swipe gesture
  • Improved settings screen. Now you can choose your preferred home screen
  • New in-app notification system to provide you more useful information
  • Boost in performance for all Android devices

2021-03-10 16_06_36-Untitled presentation - Google Slides.png

2021-03-10 16_08_54-Untitled presentation - Google Slides.png

Annotating documents in Bimsync

New in Bimsync Arena is our comprehensive annotation feature. This feature brings the power of our issue management system to Documents, so that Bimsync users can enjoy precise commenting, showing where documents and drawings need change or additional information, just like you do using models and viewpoints today.

Annotation tools have been added to our document viewer:

annotations menu.png

You can draw freehand, add shapes, text and call-outs, highlight text and measurements.

Your annotations can be saved to an issue using our issue management. Either save to an existing issue or create a new issue. The issue can then be assigned to a team or person to change the document or provide an answer to the annotations.

Projects can set up RFI (Request for Information) and similar workflows using issuetypes and issueboards.

The annotations are attached to the document revision they were drawn on, so new revisions will be pristine, while annotations made on older revisions will be accessible by cycling back through revisions or by going to the document's related issues.

To add annotations to an issue,

  1. Open a single document in the viewer and start using the annotation tools.

  2. Save your annotations using the Annotations panel on the right. Select an existing issue or create a new one and submit your annotations to the issue.

  3. Your annotations are saved grouped together as one comment per page of the document.

  4. To use measurements and areas, first calibrate the drawing scale.

annotations on drawing.png

Issues containing annotations are added to the document's list of releated issues. You'll find these under the File info tab in the right sidepanel.

You can now annotate all document formats that our viewer handles (pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, pptx, dwg and dgn).

We've also improved the full screen mode so that annotations can be added while viewing documents in full screen.

ShareLink - Notify people about Bimsync content

Ever wanted to notify a project member about a document, some issues or other content in Bimsync, without leaving Bimsync? Or maybe users have switched off their Bimsync notifications? This new feature solves these problems. ShareLink sends an email from Bimsync to the project members you choose with a link to the content you want to share. So the user will get the message, even if they have switched off their Bimsync notifications.

To use ShareLink:

  1. First select the content you want to share. For example some documents.
  2. Click the the ShareLink button.

2021-02-22 17_06_01-Documents - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

In the ShareLink window:

2021-02-22 17_11_13-Documents - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Select the project members you want to send the message to.
  2. Change the title of the message to suit the reason for sharing the content
  3. Write you own message in the message body.
  4. The URL you will be sending is available here to check.
  5. Send the message. The message is sent from to the recipients you chose in step 1. You get a Cc message to your own email.

The mail message will look like this:

2021-02-22 17_22_21-Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic - Please review these drawings. - rupert.hanna@cat.png

To access the content:

  1. Click on this link, Bimsync will open a page with the shared items.


  1. Copy this URL to your browser.

Translations updated!

First translation update of the new year:

  • Polish - Thanks to Jurek
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål


New version of Bimsync app

We've just released an update of our app on Appstore and Google Play. These new features are now available:

  • Support of landscape orientation for tablets.
  • Integrated a fullscreen option for both 2D and 3D.
  • Improved navigation throughout the app.
  • Huge performance boost.
  • Dutch and Portuguese languages added.

Exploit the full extents of the screen on your mobile device using fullscreen mode (here with 3D model in landscape on a tablet):

Fullscreen landscape 2.jpg

Translations updated again

Another significant translation update, with many new additions:

  • Polish - Big thanks to Jurek for bringing Polish back to 100%!
  • German - Thanks Andres
  • Spanish - Thanks to Jose
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • Norwegian Bokmål


Add documents to an issue upon creation

We've just released a feature many users have been asking for: Add documents to a newly created issue.

2020-11-19 18_42_39-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

The Add documents panel is now available before a new issue is submitted.

Using this panel you can link documents and folders to issues, as well as upload new documents and link these.

2020-11-19 18_44_16-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

  1. Choose the source for the documents to attach (from Bimsync's Document Library, or connected SharePoint and Dropbox libraries).

  2. Link to folder in Document library.

  3. Link to a single document.

  4. Upload new documents to the folder.

  5. Link or unlink documents and folders here.

The documents are linked to the new issue:

2020-11-19 18_47_21-New issue - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Import and export of BCF 2.1 files

We've updated our BCF file management to handle both import and export of BCF 2.1 files. To import or export BCF file to/from Bimsync, click on the exchange BCF button at the the top righthand corner of an issueboard:

2020-11-12 21_08_25-Issues - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Translations updated

Another translation update and this time we got German up to 100%!

  • German - Vielen Dank! Andres
  • Spanish - Thanks to Jose
  • Dutch - Thanks to Richard
  • French - Thanks to Bianca
  • Norwegian Bokmål

Thanks for all collaborations

Copy project as template

The feature for copying elements from an existing project when creating a new project has been improved. You can now select which parts you want to copy:

2020-11-05 15_43_49-Bimsync - New project.png

This is very useful when standardising your organisation's processes. For example using the same labels across all projects. Just copy labels from your best-practice project every time you create a new project.