New Property value library

With the new property value library you can have Bimsync index the values of a given property across all models of your project. For example to have the library present a list of all LOD (Level of Detail) or MMI (Model Maturity Index) with a link to all related objects.

You can index values from properties in property- or quantity-sets, and each of the values found will be listed with a link to the related objects.

You can see the feature in action in the following video:

The library will automatically be updated when a new revision of a model is uploaded.

Updated translations

  • Catalan - thanks to Eloi
  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • Portugues - thanks to Leonardo
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

Issues related to documents are now visible from the document

Quite a few of you are linking documents to issues and these are shown on issues as "Related documents". Now you will also see the issues related to a document from the document itself.

When looking at the document you will see a new panel named "Related issues" with a number indicating the number of related issues. Expand the panel to see details about the issues.

Related issues

Click on an issue to navigate to the issue, or right click to open in a new tab.

Upload zipped files and folders

Sometimes you might want to upload an existing folder structure to get started with a new project, or you receive regular updates on drawings on a server somewhere outside Bimsync. Now you can simply zip these files and folders and upload to Bimsync using the new "Upload zip file" feature.

Go to documents click the 3 dots button on the top right 3 dots and select "Upload zip".

Next select a zip file and the following window will appear:

Upload zip modal

By default Bimsync will create a new revision of a document if a document with the same name exist in the target folder. Alternatively you can change the behavior to "Skip and ignore" documents and folders instead.

Next click "Upload zip" to have the file uploaded and unzipped. You will see a report of every action on the end of the process.

The file will be unzipped to the currently selected folder

Please note that Bimsync does not currently check if the file uploaded is identical to the one on the server. It will only check against filename and create a new revision if a file with the same name exists in the folder.

Filter projects by owner

You can now filter the project list by project owner or by name. The project owner can be a user or an organization. The active filter is reflected in the list-view as well as map-view.


Updated translations

  • Catalan - thanks to Eloi
  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • French - thanks to Catenda France
  • Polish - thanks to Greg
  • Spanish - thanks to José
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

Improved API documentation

We have unified the look and feel of our API documentation and made it easier to read and search. The complete documentation is available here:

Bimsync API documentation

(1) Search within the current API documentation or..

(2) Select one of the other available APIs.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • API v2 - support for project image to /project
  • Notifications are accumulated in batches when many events happens in a short timeframe
  • BCF API - Added support for labels


  • BCF API - Comments will now contain author email rather than author name
  • BCF API - support for "in" filter in odata
  • BCF API - added missing index
  • BCF export will now provide the issue-board name rather than project name on export.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Improved html rendering of emails
  • Improved the speed of loading multiple models in 3D


  • Fixed a regression that flipped the direction of zoom in 2D using the scroll-wheel
  • Fixed a regression preventing creation of new libraries
  • Fixed a problem preventing comments to be added in some situations using IE11
  • Fixed a problem that hide the filter when there are no items
  • Fixed a regression on laser measure preventing it from detecting edges

Updated translations

  • Catalan - thanks to Eloi
  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • French - thanks to Catenda France
  • Norwegian Nynorsk