Updated 3D viewer

The 3D viewer in Bimsync Arena has been upgraded to support WebGL 2.0. WebGL 2.0 allows you to enable anti-aliasing to remove jagged edges in the viewer. The setting is available in the viewer setting dropdown if your browser supports WebGL 2.0.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 09.38.22.png

Changes in this release (r115):

  • Support WebGL 2.0
  • Support multisample anti-aliasing
  • Improved lighting of models
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Updated to three.js r115

The new release will be made available in our Viewer3D API later this summer.

Bimsync Revit plugin

The Bimsync Revit plugin is now released! Using the plugin you can seamlessly:

  • Upload IFC models directly to Bimsync from your Revit desktop session.
  • Load and manage BCF issues live in your Revit session.
  • Create new BCF issues and update existing issues in Revit, synchronise these back to Bimsync.
  • Use BCF views to jump right to the location of an issue, showing the objects linked to the issue.

Download the plugin for free from Autodesk App Store:



Issue in revit.gif

Sharepoint integration

In Bimsync Arena you can now link SharePoint sites into your project as document libraries. Once the SharePoint site is linked, you can:

  1. Open and download the documents stored on the SharePoint site
  2. Link documents in the Sharepoint library to issues.
  3. Link documents in the SP library to objects.

Watch this video to learn how to set up and work with SharePoint integrated with Bimsync: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J86W3Am70Nc&list=PL2Yz9DMENICEME7yruJbgHvuY0wqAFar3&index=15

Control write access on models

Previously in Bimsync, a user needed administrator access to be able to create new models and upload new model revisions to a project. We've just release a Beta feature for configuring which members or teams can:

  1. Create new models
  2. Upload revisions to a model
  3. Download revisions or export models

Using this feature, administators can configure who can change models, without giving them full administrator access. Models can even be "locked down" so that only an administrator can change models. The new feature is available from the project settings:

ACL on models Beta.png

Change to absolute date and time settings

Bimsync now offers you the option of displaying dates as relative or absolute. The default setting for existing or new users is relative date and time such as "1 minute ago" or "3 months ago". To change to absolute date and time globally for your user, go to your account settings:

Update - date and time3.png

Choose preferences, switch the slider for relative date and time off and select the date format you want. The available formats are based on you language preference.

Update - date and time 2.png

Your date format is now set globally throughout Arena, for your user.

Maintenance window May 18, 20:00 UTC

Bimsync will go through database maintenance on May 18 starting from 20:00 UTC with estimated duration of 4 hours.

The application will be unavailable during this period.

Create new project from a template

You can now create a project using one of your existing projects as a template. The following items are copied into your new project:

  • Models (empty, ready for revisions)
  • Labels
  • Milestones (without dates)
  • Teams (without members)
  • Issue boards (including statuses and types, but no issues)

How to copy structure of an existing project:

  1. Choose "New project"
  2. Give your new project a name.
  3. Confirm "Use another project as template"
  4. Select your desired template project.
  5. Click create and enjoy standardising project setup across your organisation.

2020-05-05 18_07_22-bimsync updates.png

New version of Bimsync app released

A new version of the Bimsync app is now available on the Appstore and Google Play. The app is free to download and add value to any project using Bimsync on site or in a live building. Here's a list of added features and enhancements:

  • Added dashboard to provide statistics for projects and issue boards.
  • Integrated a Markdown renderer in description and comments of issues so you can benefit from enriched text.
  • Improved issue filtering. Now you are can filter issues using candidate statuses and your filters stay consistent across issue boards.
  • Added more options to manage your issues. Milestones and Teams can be used with your issues.
  • Support for iPad enabled.
  • Added French language for all our French users.
  • Created a dark theme for the app. Your eyes can rest easy.


Updated translations

  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • French - thanks to Frederic
  • Portuguese - thanks to Leonardo
  • Catalan - thanks to Eloi
  • Spanish - thanks to Jose
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

Updated translations

  • Dutch - thanks to Richard
  • French - thanks to Sylvan
  • Portuguese - thanks to Leonardo
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Norwegian Nynorsk