Bimsync updates
Bimsync updates

Better 2D marker workflow in Arena





We have streamlined the 2D marker workflow in Bimsync Arena. You can now easily create issues with 2D markers either in the 2D viewer, or in an issueboard.

In issueboard

  1. Start a new issue or open an existing issue.
  2. Choose Add Marker in the Location field:

Add location.png

  1. The 2D viewer opens and you can place the marker on the floorplan, or change to another model, or storey to place the marker.

Place marker.png

  1. Submit the issue. The marker is now attached to the issue.

View location or move marker

When viewing issue details you can choose to view, move or delete the marker location from the Location menu:

Move view delete marker.png (You can only do this with write access on the issueboard and for the issue you are viewing).

In 2D viewer

When using the 2D viewer a mouseover pop-up displays the issue name and number.


To create an issue from the 2D view: Create issue with 2D marker.png

  1. Right-click in the 2D viewer. The marker will appear at the point you clicked.
  2. Select Create a new issue with 2D marker
  3. The issue pane opens, fill in the issue details and submit.
  4. The issue has an attached marker.