Better visualizations of related objects

Being able to easily link information from libraries to objects is one of the core features of Bimsync Arena. This allows you to create two-way links between classifications, documents, product data or issues to objects in your BIM. Links are kept on a separate layer and links will be preserved when uploading new revisions. You can also export out linked data as classifications or document references when exporting your project to Ifc.

We have recently updated the related objects features so that you have two ways of visualizing the data.

Related objects counter

Start by clicking on the related objects counter Counter in any library or issue, and a menu will pop up:

Isolate objects

Isolating objects works like "isolate" (shift+t) in the viewer by making all other objects translucent. The feature will also prompt you to load any models not currently loaded in order to highlight all related objects. See example below.

Isolating objects

Load as query

Load as query will load only the related objects into view. This feature is using geometry queries to only load the relevant objects into the 3D viewer. You can click "Restore 3D" to bring back the previous view.

Restore 3D button in model picker

Our YouTube channel has more information about how to use the Libraries to connect your data .