Bimsync updates
Bimsync updates

Major update of mobile app





Our new mobile app has been powered up with new 2D and 3D functions. We believe this version really puts the Bimsync app on the map. The app is available for download from Appstore and Google Play with these updates:

2D view:

  • New 2D issue marker with colour modes showing status, type and due date. Issue markers are larger (three size options) and easier to select.
  • Improved zoom and pan and new rotate function.
  • Title and number of issue shows when selected.
  • New 3D menu for accessing the 3D model with choice of whole model, whole storey, vertical section through all storeys of the model or just a single room.

3D view and navigation:

  • Massive performance improvements when uploading models.
  • Joystick with adjustable speed for improved navigation.
  • Multiselect allowing selection of many objects (for example to hide several objects in one action).

2D Menu options


  1. Choose issue marker size.
  2. Choose issue marker colour mode.
  3. Re-set map to start position.
  4. Toggle display/hide menu.
  5. Tool tip showing menu after choice (shows for 1 second).
  6. Default issue colour mode (blue=selected issue, red=others, green=closed)
  7. Issue status (colours as set in Bimsync Arena)
  8. Issue type (colours as set in Bimsync Arena)
  9. Due date (grey=future date, pink=overdue)

2D view with selected issue:


  1. Selected issue shown in blue.
  2. Issue number and title.
  3. Open issue details for reading and editing.
  4. Delete marker.

Open 3D Viewer


  1. Open 3D loading options
  2. Selected IFCspace (for opening 3D view via option 5 & 6 below)
  3. Load whole model.
  4. Load current storey.
  5. Load IFCspace shape in full height.
  6. Load only the selected IFC space.

3D menu options


  1. Multiselect objects.
  2. View toggle Perspective/Orthographic.
  3. Standard views.
  4. Hide/Isolate/Look at/Make Translucent.
  5. Joystick toggle on/off and speed.
  6. Back to 2D view.
  7. Joystick for navigating in 3D.

3D Standard views


  1. Standard view menu (same views as in Bimsync Arena).
  2. Home (zooms out and shows whole model)
  3. Back
  4. Left
  5. Front
  6. Right
  7. Top

Joystick menus

The joystick is a simple, intuitive way to move around through the 3D model. Move the dark blue circle in the joystick with you thumb. Left handed users can toggle to left handed mode in settings.

  • Up on screen=forward in model
  • Down=backward i model
  • Left=turn to left in model
  • Right=turn to right in model


  1. Joystick options
  2. Joystick display/hide
  3. 4. & 5. Joystick speeds

Manage visibilty of objects


  1. Selected object visibility menu
  2. Look at selected objects
  3. Show all
  4. Hide selected objects
  5. Isolate selected objects
  6. Make selected objects translucent