New Viewpoint features

We have updated issue viewpoints with some new functions for recreating viewpoints on issues. This is particularly useful to assist in the situation where models are missing in viewpoints due to different interpretation of the BCF standard by different BIM softwares. The viewpoint thumbnail has new buttons:

2020-06-10 16_35_36-#64 - Viewpoint demo - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png

Here are the functions of the buttons:

  1. Opens the thumbnail as an image file in a preview window. You can download the image from here.
  2. Opens the viewpoint as it was recorded. The camera position, with the same models and objects selected as at the time of creating the viewpoint.
  3. Opens the viewpoint's camera position without changing the models and objects currently showing in the 3D view.
  4. Shows the number of models attached to the viewpoint.
  5. Shows the number of objects attached to the viewpoint.
  6. Opens a model selector allowing you to change which models are attached to the viewpoint and save this setting:

2020-06-10 16_56_16-#64 - Viewpoint demo - Bimsync Demo - Medical Clinic.png